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´╗┐Bank of America Foreclosure: What's The Buying Process?


Have you heard that Bank of America has foreclosure numbers that are growing? Most of the larger subprime lending companies in the United States, as well as off shores are seeing this same problem. The number of foreclosures by Bank of America, foreclosures by all banks in fact, has grown by 65 percent in the last year. That staggering number is worrisome for many reasons. Yet, as a real estate investor, you may want to take into consideration how the process works and to know where you can jump into it and buy a home.

The process of Bank of America foreclosure is longer than you may realize. The process starts when a property owner fails to make one of their payments on their loan. With a missed payment, the lender will begin to call to find out what the problem is. They may work out a solution for being caught up at this point. They will then work with the borrower any way they can. When the borrower continues to miss payments, the foreclosure process really gets under way, which when it comes to Bank of America foreclosure starts with attorneys being notified.

In order for a Bank of America foreclosure, or any other foreclosure to go through, the lender must prove in a court of law that the property owners have failed to make repayment or to otherwise get caught up in their loan (sometimes refinancing the loan can help, for example.) The process includes public notice in a local court of law as well as notification in local newspapers of the failure to pay. From here, the bank must work through the local laws regarding taking possession of the home. Eventually, the court will transfer the title into the bank's name.

So, when Bank of America foreclosure is happening, where can you, as the investor come in and help? If you want to purchase the property, a good place to start is with getting the homeowner caught up by buying them out of their loan or taking over their mortgage loan. In either situation, you take on risk, but you help avoid the Bank of America foreclosure process, which helps everyone involved to get into a better position.

With Bank of America foreclosure, the lender will work with the homebuyer throughout the process to find the most affordable loan available to them, or to help them get caught up, under their rules for doing so. If you are facing foreclosure, make your lender the first call you make to get the process bank under control.