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You are planning to invest in a foreclosure. Bank foreclosures are ideal ways for you to invest there is no doubt. Yet, it is not always the best route to take for those looking for a real opportunity in the real estate market. Start out by investing in the right property for you, which may mean using the property for one reason or the other. However, what if you could get into that property faster and even before foreclosure? Bank foreclosures take time and the process prior to the foreclosure happening, called pre foreclosure is the ideal time to invest in and get into these properties.

Why do this with a foreclosure? Bank foreclosures take time to close. When the homeowner misses their first mortgage payment, the bank gives them time to be caught up. Then, the legal process comes into play, which can also take time. Most foreclosures, bank foreclosures, that is, take time from four to six months or sometimes longer. This allows the real estate investor to get into the home faster by working with the homeowners. In fact, you could be helping them in the process.

Talk to the homeowners about purchasing their home. You will pay a lower price, but usually about the amount, they owe the bank for the loan or slightly more. They get to save their credit, get into a new home and have a chunk of change to do it. Many real estate professionals do this because it helps to speed up the process and gives everyone what they need and want. In a foreclosure, bank foreclosures, you can easily learn about these problem homes by reading your newspaper (they legally are listed there), by networking with investors and local providers, as well as talking to homeowners in general (even advertising to them.)

The key is to find the homeowners that want to get out of their homes and perhaps into something more affordable. With a foreclosure, bank foreclosure or otherwise, you can often also pursue the homeowner to just take over their loan (through the bank's knowledge and agreement of course.) This can help keep the home out of foreclosure but it also helps you get into a better loan.

There are many opportunities for investment in the real estate market because of foreclosure. Bank foreclosures are an opportunity for you no matter if you talk to the homeowner or go right to the bank. The key is to know all the options available to you so you can find the best properties out there.