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Finding Help to Avoid Foreclosure


Finding foreclosure help is important in preventing foreclosure. If you find yourself in financial constraints and unable to pay your mortgage, there are programs and professional that are able to help. A valuable resource is the HUD web site. Hus (The US Department of Housing and Urban Development) is a great place to start looking for foreclosure help. They provide valuable tips for preventing foreclosure.
The first tip is to not ignore the problem. Pretending that the problem will go away or fix itself will cause more harm than good. There are help options that available when you first start missing payments that are not available after a certain number of payments are missed. Many times, your lender will send correspondence that will provide valuable information on foreclosure help. Never ignore any letter that your mortgage lender may send you. By contacting your lender early on, they may be more prone to give you assistance in finding a way to keep your house. Lenders don’t want foreclosure any more than you do. It is an expensive procedure for them and they are not in the business of selling houses. There are also laws that prevent them from making a profit on the resale of foreclosed home.
Another helpful tip offering foreclosure help is to re-examine your spending. After paying for food and healthcare, keeping your house needs to be your next priority. Consider all the non-essentials that you spend money on each month. See where you can cut expenses to make your mortgage payments. Things like cable TV, memberships, cell phones, and entertainment are examples of spending that can usually be trimmed back. Also look at what assets you have that you are able to sell. Jewelry, life-insurance policies and automobiles are good examples of assets that you can sell and use the money to pay down your mortgage.
One of the most important tips is to avoid foreclosure prevention companies that charge high fees for their foreclosure help. Many of these companies will charge high fees (often the equivalent of 2-3 times your monthly mortgage costs) and provide you with information that is free to access. While there are companies that can assist you in preventing foreclosure, make sure they are reputable and offering foreclosure help that you cannot find on your own. Also avoid companies that claim that they can stop your foreclosure for you and all you have to do is sign a few papers. You may end up a renter in your own house. There are scams where companies have you sign to transfer your deed to avoid foreclosure. Consult with legal counsel before signing anything. Make sure that you are only dealing with reputable companies. If it sounds to too good or easy, is probably isn’t legitimate.