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Get Free Foreclosure Home Listings from Listing Realtors

Real estate companies that specialize in foreclosures are one of the fastest ways to find foreclosure homes to invest in. There are other ways to get free foreclosure home listings, such as through the County Clerk’s office in the court house, or in the news paper. You will also find free foreclosure home listings at any bank, but if you want to find a home quickly a real estate agent has the inside track, because the banks call them to offer them the homes they have in foreclosure.

If you are fairly new at investing, and you want to buy several homes to flip and sell, start with getting free foreclosure home realty listings from as many areas that you have interest in. The agent is the very first to know of homes that have been taken back by the bank. If you want to invest in homes in different cities, your best bet is to ask for free foreclosure home realty listings for those areas.

When buying foreclosures it is always a good idea to be represented by a real estate agent that specializes in foreclosed properties, which is called a listing realtor. A listing realtor is commissioned by the bank to sell the foreclosure properties; therefore the listing realtor will have the most up-to-date free foreclosure home listings. You may be able to purchase the home before it ever gets advertised. You must know once a home has the for sale sign up in the yard, it is also being advertised in the paper, and free foreclosure lists are going out to other realtors; therefore there will be hundreds of people interested in that property. If you can be the first investor to lay claim to the foreclosure property, by making the deal, the property is yours. The best way to buy the best foreclosure properties is to get to them fast before anyone else has seen them.

If you are interested in HUD homes, your best bet is to find a listing realtor specializing in HUD home foreclosures. To find free foreclosure home listings for HUD homes you can go to and fill out the form there. You can there find real estate brokers and listing realtors that can help you find properties in which to invest. When you invest in properties to flip, you want to find the foreclosure homes fast, get it ready to sell to make your money.

If you aren’t in the business of flipping houses, you can still use a listing realtor, or you can take your time finding the perfect house. Another great way to find a home is to ask the real estate owned (REO) department in the banks in your area for free foreclosure home lists.