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What are HUD Foreclosure Listings?


HUD foreclosure listings can seem confusing to those not in the real estate business. In order to fully understand HUD foreclosures you must understand how the process of becoming a HUD foreclosure happens. HUD is the Department of Housing and Urban Development, included in this department is the FHA (Federal Housing Administration). The FHA provides federal mortgage insurance to lenders. When a home purchased with a loan insured by the FHA is foreclosed on the lender can file a claim to have the balance of the mortgage paid by the FHA, the foreclosed property then becomes owned by HUD and is therefore a HUD foreclosed home and added to HUD foreclosure listings.
Purchasing a HUD foreclosed home is also a bit different than purchasing a home from an individual or a foreclosed property that is not owned by HUD. The properties found in HUD foreclosure listings are managed by HUD approved real estate agents. The actual department of Housing and Urban Development does not interact in the selling process at all, a buyer must find a real estate agent approved to sell HUD foreclosed homes (this isn’t hard most real estate agents and companies are approved to sell HUD foreclosed properties). Once you have found a property and an agent you can start the process of possibly purchasing a property in the HUD foreclosure listings.
HUD Foreclosed Property Purchasing Process
Purchasing a HUD foreclosed home is done through a bidding process. First you must find a property and agent that is able to sell the property. Once you have done this you will submit a bid during the Bidding Period. All bids that are submitted during the Bidding Period are sealed and unopened until the Bidding Period is over. Next the bids are opened and HUD will usually accept the highest bid offered by a bidder. If the bidding is continued after the initial Bidding Period is ended bids are generally opened as they are received.
Other unexpected differences in the way that HUD foreclosed properties are sold are that HUD does not finance its properties or repair damages to the home. If you need to finance the property you are bidding on you must find a financial institution to finance the amount to you and you pay HUD the full amount of the bid you submit. The damages that the property may have incurred before HUD acquired it are usually not fixed. It is a wise idea to have the home inspected for all types of repairs so you are prepared for the condition of the property you are bidding on. This is also important for the amount that you consider bidding on the property. Not all HUD foreclosure listings will have damages or need repairs but it is good to be aware of those that may exist.