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As the Federal government debates the type of legislation necessary to help imperiled homeowners facing foreclosure, there are individual states who are attempting to turn back the tide as well. Foreclosure loans NY have gotten so out of hand that depreciation has hit all time records as house after house faces foreclosure. This eventually impacts the housing market making it very difficult to sell for lenders who had to buy back the property from those who experienced foreclosure in New York. It pays for the state to be proactive to find ways to keep homeowners in their property and New York is one place that seems to be seriously considering different alternatives.

In the New York government's bid to fight the overwhelming tidal wave of foreclosures, they set up the Center for New York City Neighborhoods. This agency is going to provide foreclosure loans NY mortgage counseling and also some legal assistance, if the homeowner might be at risk for foreclosure. New York has also decided it is far cheaper to stop a foreclosure than to face another empty house that brings down property values and leaves the city sometimes responsible for upkeep and security of an abandoned property. So, New York put aside $100 million in an emergency loan fund to help about 500 to 700 eligible families who have high interest adjustable rate mortgages. These funds would be used to help them convert foreclosure loans NY into fixed rate 40-year term mortgage loans.

The final attempt to stop foreclosures and help more families that have started the court-ordered foreclosure process is one that doesn't attempt to offer monies or foreclosure loans NY. Instead, the state may agree to put a moratorium on foreclosures for a year to help homeowners catch up. This bill is due to come into the New York legislature in the summer of 2008 and has strong support. While most of these measures are not enough, by combining them with foreclosure loans NY obtained through the Federal government, the hope is to start achieving some improvement in the housing market.

The odds are good that many other states will also attempt to add some restorative measures to their housing markets, like foreclosure loans NY, and combine them with other programs that the Federal government might implement. As states see the housing prices depreciate, they also experience a decrease in their tax base and less funding for state programs. This, along with maintenance issues on empty homes, can spur local and state governments to act in harmony with other programs out there to help desperate homeowners.