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´╗┐Where To Find Home Loans After Foreclosure


If you have a foreclosure on your record, it can be harder to get qualified for a new home loan than if you didn't have the foreclosure. However,it is not impossible to find home loans after foreclosure, especially if you know where to look for them. Government agencies, like the FHA, can help people who have undergone foreclosure to qualify for home loans after foreclosure within as little as two years afterwards. Other private lenders, also called hard money lenders will be willing to give out loans in as little as six months after a foreclosure, if they think you are a reasonable risk. You might even qualify for conventional home loans after foreclosure, if you are willing to wait at least four years before applying for one.

The FHA Program

The Federal Housing Administration doesn't actually provide loans for people looking for home loans after foreclosure. What they do is underwrite the risk for other lenders so that you can still qualify even with poor credit or a smaller down payment. There are some FHA loans that require only a 3% down payment. You can find out more about this program by going to and looking up the FHA program. They do have mortgage limits on their FHA loans, and you do have to qualify according to their standards.

Hard Money Lenders

These individuals are the business of providing capital for investors who may be rehabilitating houses or someone who has experienced a foreclosure and is looking for home loans after foreclosure. They can provide home loans after foreclosure, but they usually come with much higher interest rates than conventional loans and with at least 4 to 5 origination points on the loan. You do have to be looking at a home with significant equity, meaning a larger down payment. You can find out more about hard money lenders from your bank or conventional lender.

Conventional Home Loans After Foreclosure

If you've waited significant time and rebuilt your credit, conventional lenders will be willing to work with you after about four years. They will want to know that whatever caused the foreclosure has been dealt with and your circumstances are much better than they were before. You will be asked for a lot more documentation to substantiate your income and expenses in order to qualify for home loans after foreclosure, but it can be worth it in savings of interest rates and points on the loan. For those people who have a little patience, waiting out the market decline may also be a good strategy to buy in low and be set to profit as prices start to rise again.