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Mortgage Loans are Possible after a Foreclosure


You've worked hard many years to be able to purchase the home of your dreams. Many of these years were spent scrimping can cutting corners to try to save money for this home. Once you got your mortgage, you counted the years until it would be paid off and owned by only you instead of you and the bank. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, you lost your dream home to foreclosure. You probably feel you'll spend the rest of your life living in a rented apartment or home. You, no doubt, believe you'll never be eligible for mortgage loans after foreclosure of your first home. You are very wrong about this fact, although it's a fact that many believe. When you lose a home to foreclosure, your credit rating is drastically affected, but there is still hope for the future.

Although it will be harder than it was the first time, you can be approved for mortgage loans after foreclosure. This is not something you want to do immediately after your foreclosure, however. It's recommended that you take some time to get your finances in order before you think about applying for another mortgage loan. Give yourself around 24 months before you think about trying for mortgage loans after foreclosure of your first home.

The first thing you need to evaluate is what caused the problem in the first place. If it was an emergency such as medical problems, divorce, loss of job, etc., you may have had time to readjust to the new situation in your life and get back on track financially. If you had financial difficulties due to be highly in debt with other debts such as credit cards, loans, etc., the two years will give you time to correct your debt paying and spending habits. Concentrate on paying off your other debts. Cut back on your spending while paying off debts you have now. Pay the minimum amount due on your debts but pay them on time. If cutting back on spending helps to give you extra cash, you can pay more on your debts or start saving for your home.

After two years, you should have your debts paid down so you're ready to see a lender about getting mortgage loans after foreclosure. Although many lenders may dismiss you when they get a look at your credit report, there are lenders that will be willing to help you when they see you're improved your credit scores and have a down payment. So, if you have had a run of bad luck, don't give up your dreams of owning a home because mortgage loans after foreclosure are still possible.

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