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Know When & How to Get Mortgage Foreclosure Help


Purchasing a home can be a large and sometimes confusing step in your life. Losing your home to a foreclosure can be just as large and even more confusing. Because not as many people have gone through foreclosure as those that have taken out mortgages, you may not have anyone close to you that is knowledgeable enough to give you good mortgage foreclosure help.

Mortgage foreclosure help is very important if you feel you are losing your home to foreclosure. Most banks and lending institutions won’t attempt to foreclose your home until you have missed three consecutive payments. Usually by the time you’ve reached this point, you are in serious financial trouble and don’t know which way to turn. Mortgage foreclosure help can possibly help you to avoid the actual foreclosure if you act quickly.

Unfortunately, most homeowners that fall behind on their mortgage and are served with foreclosure papers feel there is nothing to do. They couldn’t be more wrong. Although there may be legal costs you’ll have to pay, it’s still not too late to contact your mortgage company and try to set up some sort of an agreement. They don’t want to go through the legal hassle of foreclosing on your home any more than you want this. Seldom do lenders even get back what is owed to them when they repossess property and sell it at auction. Your lender may even be able to give you some mortgage foreclosure help.

Often one way to get out of a foreclosure after papers have been served is to make an arrangement to make your monthly payments plus extra to cover your delinquent payments and many legal fees that have incurred up to this point. For instance, if your monthly payment is $500 per month, often if you sign an agreement, called a forebearance agreement, agreeing to pay $650 per month, you won’t lose your home to a foreclosure. The first $500 of the $650 will go towards your current payment and the other $150 will go towards the past due payments and legal fees. They will determine how long it will take you to pay these extra amounts based on the $150 you are giving them each month. This will determine how many months you’ll be on the forbearance agreement.

The only thing about this type of mortgage foreclosure help is that it prevents you from losing your home but you cannot be late with even one payment. When you sign the forbearance agreement, you are agreeing that if you are late with even one payment, the agreement is null and void and the foreclosure will continue. During the forbearance agreement period, the foreclosure is not cancelled, it’s just temporarily suspended. If you find yourself facing possible foreclosure on your home, get some mortgage foreclosure help as quickly as possible so you know your rights.

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