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Foreclosure Mortgage Leads Aimed to Help Borrowers


If you’ve every fallen behind on your mortgage payments for a month or two, you may have received phone calls from banks and mortgage companies offering your refinancing options. You’ve probably wondered how they knew you were behind in your mortgage or that you may be looking to finance. People whose homes have fallen into the foreclosure process also receive many letters from legal firms and foreclosure attorneys or financial institution. These letters usually start with something like “Is your home about to be foreclosed? We can help… call us at…”. Again, you probably wondered how they managed to know something so private about you and your home. The answer is simple. This information is not as private as you may think. With the right foreclosure mortgage leads, these companies can find out just about anything about you and your financial situation.

Companies that specialize in foreclose mortgage leads are in contact with different means such as credit reports, creditors or mortgages recorded in the local register of deeds office. It’s their job to be on top of these mortgages that are going into foreclosure or very close to foreclosure. By getting these foreclosure mortgage leads, they can contact the borrowers to offer their lending services, etc.

For instance, if a homeowner is about to have his home repossessed, he probably is worried and feels he has no other alternatives. Then, along comes a lending offering to help him refinance. Regardless of what the initial interest rate may be, many of these homeowners jump at this chance. The homeowner now is no longer in default and at risk of losing his home. The lender has made a great sale for his company with a great profit. Foreclosure mortgage leads help both the borrower and the new lender in this case.

In the case of homes that are in foreclosure and cannot be saved, the foreclosure mortgage leads these businesses obtain help them to know about the auctions of some of these homes before anyone else knows. Some of the companies can use these foreclosure mortgage leads to give them a list of people they can contact and offer their services. Many of these are legal firms that will offer to help people that are close to losing their homes.

What these companies do with the mortgage foreclosure leads depend on how far along the foreclosure process has gone. In most cases, the data these companies gather about foreclosures turns into profits for them. They are more looking for profits and commissions than they are in helping the borrower. Although, the homeowner is also helped with saving their home as well.