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Although getting notice that your home is in pre foreclosure is very difficult both emotionally and financially for anyone, there are some options that homeowners in difficulty may be able to use. One such option could be one of the many pre foreclosure loans offered through various banks and lenders. Since banks and mortgage companies really don't want to be stuck with foreclosed homes, pre foreclosure loans makes sense for the lender, plus it can be an effective option for the homeowner as well.

Not all homeowners will be eligible for pre foreclosure loans. From a lenders perspective the homeowner or borrower is only a good investment if he or she has a job and can reasonably afford the loan payment. The good news is that most pre foreclosure loans are fixed rate over 30 to 40 years, which means that even through they are slightly higher in interest rate than a conventional home loan they are stretched out over a much longer period, decreasing the actual monthly cost to the borrower for repayment. Of course this means that the borrower is paying a significantly higher amount in interest over time but early repayment may also be an option.

Pre foreclosure loans, like any type of loan, cannot exceed the appraised value of the property. This will allow lenders to consider the equity that the homeowner may have build up in the property as well as changes in the real estate market. Even though real estate goes through high and low fluctuations, in general real estate values increase over time, so homeowners that have been paying into a home for more than 5-7 years have already built up some equity unless they were on an interest only loan payment. In cases where the buyer actually has negative equity or owes more than the home is worth on the market, pre foreclosure loans are not always an option.

Taking out a pre foreclosure loan also protects the homeowner's credit score and rating, meaning that he or she can use that number in obtaining the loan. If the homeowner waits until the home goes into foreclosure and tries to borrow for a second home or property, they will likely be denied a loan or have to provide a huge downpayment or pay the highest in interest rates.

The first place to start when looking for pre foreclosure loans is with your current lender. Many people assume that they have to start somewhere else, but keep in mind if your lender understands the hardships that caused your default payments and knows that the situation has been corrected, they are more likely to work with you as you have a history with them. If you lender doesn't offer pre foreclosure loans, ask for referrals to a lender that does.