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´╗┐Properties in Foreclosure: Can You Buy Them?


Buying properties in foreclosure can be a difficult process, unless you can move quickly and work well with the property owners. During the foreclosure process, there are many opportunities for the current homeowner to make payment to pull themselves out of the debt and foreclosure process. The problem for many of these homeowners is that getting a month behind on their mortgage is simply too much to overcome. Now, to be caught up they have to pay two months at once, plus late fees. As an investor, there may be opportunities for you to step in and purchase properties in foreclosure.

To purchase properties in foreclosure, start with a good understanding of the opportunities out there. You will need to monitor local listings and court records to know which homes are in the foreclosure process. From this point, you need to determine the best way to approach the homeowners. What can you offer to them to help them? Sometimes, there is not anything you can do because the process has gotten too deep. Yet, many other times there are various things that can be done by an investor who is hoping to take advantage of the situation.

Offer the homeowners a fast sale of their home. For example, to buy properties in foreclosure for less, you need to meet with the homeowners to find out their financial obligations. Let us say the home has an appraised value of $250,000. The homeowners have paid down their mortgage and then see the value of the home rise to this level and consequently, they owe $200,000 on their home. If they allow the home to go to foreclosure, they will lose that $50,000 worth of investment and hard work. Some investors are able to offer to buy them out of the home. You may be able to buy the home for $225,000, therefore allowing the homeowner to walk away from the home with some money in the bank and still satisfying the bank lender. For some properties in foreclosure, this works well.

The question you may be asking is why don't the homeowners just sell the home? In many areas of the country, they could, while in others it is no longer possible due to the slow housing market. The process would take too long.

Buying properties in foreclosure is an option for you if you move quickly and make a profitable investment. In return, you could be helping a family to save their credit and get out of debt from the mortgage lender. They may in fact walk away with a sizable down payment on a lesser expensive loan.