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Now that more homeowners are getting into trouble with their adjustable rate mortgages, there are more bank foreclosure real estate opportunities out there. If you are an investor looking for property at a discount, a foreclosure can be a good way to go if you are dealing with the owner directly. Many investors think the only way to buy foreclosures is at auction, but there are other ways to approach a homeowner in trouble to work out a deal in a bank foreclosure real estate issue that can lead to more equity for the homeowner and big profits for the investor. There is also less risk when you are dealing with the homeowner directly because they won't be tempted to trash the place before they leave, if they feel they've gotten a good deal.

How To Contact The Homeowner

Once a foreclosure notice goes out there are companies that keep track of properties that are going into foreclosure. Investors can join sites like to find out what bank foreclosure real estate opportunities are in their area. The nice thing about some of these sites are that they also provide information on outstanding liens and even homeowner contact information. Of course, you can get the same information scouting the county deeds records, but a title and liens search should be done prior to contacting the homeowner.

Most people begin their approach by sending out postcards with their information to the homeowner in distress. Keep in mind that many investors will be competing with you to offer a deal to the homeowner who may ignore everything up until the last minute. Sometimes you can locate the home owner's phone number and contact them this way. The last way, face-to-face, is not recommended for people just starting out as looking into bank foreclosure real estate. It takes a certain finesse to deal directly with a distressed homeowner.

Working Out A Deal

You can work out a deal on bank foreclosure real estate that is in the preforclosure state. That's because at any point in time the homeowner can pay off the debt and bring the account current by selling the home. It is up to you to see that there are no outstanding liens or other issues that might affect the value of the bank foreclosure real estate offer you've written up. Otherwise, you will have to wait until auction to make a bid on the property and by then it may not be possible to do an indoors home inspection, making the deal riskier.