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Purchase Commercial Real Estate Foreclosures


Purchasing commercial buildings can be an expensive venture however there are ways to buy commercial real estate at bargain prices. Commercial real estate foreclosures happen when a business defaults on a commercial mortgage loan. Sometimes commercial real estate foreclosure listings can be a great way to get a commercial building in great shape at a cheaper price.

Proper zoning is important

One should know what they are looking for before beginning the hunt. Be sure the building chosen is zoned properly for the type of business that the commercial real estate building will be used for. Buildings that need to be rezoned before they can be opened for business can be a hassle. Finding the right building with the right zoning can elevate one step in the opening of your business or the resale of the building.

Great reasons to buy commercial real estate

Purchasing commercial buildings can be considered an investment. Commercial real estate buildings can be used to start a business, sold to someone else for more money than what you paid or rented to someone who wishes to start their own business. Purchasing commercial real estate buildings is a great way to diversify your portfolio and create wealth as well. In addition there are tax benefits available to people who purchase commercial properties. Learning about all of the benefits of purchasing foreclosed business buildings is well worth the time that will be invested in the learning and purchasing process.

Take advantage of the knowledge of industry experts

While it is easy to purchase a listing of commercial properties that have been foreclosed on and make your own decision, using industry experts such as real estate agents or property management firms that specialize in commercial properties is invaluable. Allowing the experts to guide you through the process may mean a little less return on the investment as well as a little less cash flow but the upside is that you will lower your risk factor. In time you can learn what the experts know just as with any other investment but when you are just starting out the best advice is to find someone with a good reputation and work closely with them.

Don’t forget to negotiate

Finally don’t forget to negotiate the deal. While negotiating on a foreclosed property might be a little trickier than negotiating the deal on a listed property there is still a chance you could get the property below the listed price. The less you pay, the less risk you assume. The goal to keep in mind is to end up with the best possible financial scenario. If the building will only hold one tenant instead of numerous tenants you are looking at a higher risk factor. If that tenant leaves you could be left holding the bag. A building that can hold numerous tenants is a much more secure purchase, especially for the beginning commercial real estate investor.