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´╗┐Working With The Galpin Ford Voluntary Repossession Department


Just like most reputable and reliable dealerships, the Galpin Ford voluntary repossession department is there to assist consumers in returning vehicles when they can no longer afford to make the required payments. It is important to communicate with the staff at Galpin Ford voluntary repossession department prior to any delinquency in the payment as often a modification in the contract or loan agreement can be completed which will prevent the need to move forward with either a voluntary or involuntary repossession of the vehicle. This is especially true if your financial problem has been resolved and that you can't foresee any future problems in making payments. Working with the Galpin Ford voluntary repossession department proactively is far better that waiting until you have no options left and then surrendering the vehicle.

Usually when working with the Galpin Ford voluntary repossession department or any other dealership financial department the first option is to try to modify the repayment plan to meet your needs. Since most dealerships would rather avoid doing a repossession, even voluntary, you may be surprised at what they are willing to consider. Always be reasonable with your budget and don't promise to make monthly payments that are not possible, this will result in a second default and may make repossession the only option the dealership will consider.

Keep in mind that any voluntary repossession, which means that you bring in your car and surrender it for non-payment of the loan, is going to be a negative on your credit score. The Galpin Ford voluntary repossession department staff will explain this to you, however you should be aware of the consequences to your credit record before you make this decision. Talking to a credit counselor before making the decision is important, especially if you already have paid into the car for a large part of the loan period. Keep in mind that the car has dramatically depreciated in value in the first year, so even if you turn in the vehicle and they sell it or value it at a higher than average market value there will still likely be a deficit between the value of the car and the total amount of the loan plus the interest and fees. Even with a voluntary repossession you, as the borrower, will be responsible for paying that difference. If you had a friend or family member co-sign for the vehicle, he or she will also be negatively affected through their credit score and will be held legally responsible for the deficiency payments.

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