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´╗┐Stop Foreclosure: Understand The Process

from: Can you stop foreclosure? The process of foreclosure is one that many people are going through right now. The good news is that there are several ways that you can do just that: stop foreclosure from going forward. The process is long and that allows the homeowner to be caught up on their mortgage to get out of the foreclosure process. Yet, the one thing that the homeowner has to do that they often do not like to do the most is to talk with the lenders. In the current housing market, though, time is of the essence.

What Happens?

The foreclosure process starts when you miss your first mortgage payment. At this point, the easiest way to stop foreclosure is to pay the loan to your lender. You need to get caught up in these first months on the payment if you will overcome foreclosure. Getting caught up after missing just one payment or even just being a bit late is a lot easier than trying to work through months of fees and costs to get back on track. Therefore, as you consider the various methods available to you to stop foreclosure, make sure that one of them is simply paying what you owe.

Once you stop making payments on your mortgage, the bank has no choice but to reach out to the legal sector to get the loan foreclosed on. Remember, they are willing to work with their homeowners to get them into more affordable loans (many times) and they are willing to do this throughout the process because these banks are not in place because they want to own property but they want to profit from the loans on it. To stop foreclosure, even after there has been a legal filing, simply get caught up. Work with your attorney to do this after the initial time though.

There comes a point when you can no longer stop foreclosure from happening. Generally, the entire process from missing your first mortgage payment to the home transferring ownership to the bank will take four to six months, sometimes longer. After a few months when the process has gotten to the hands of the court, and you have still not make amends, chances are good you will no longer be able to stop foreclosure from happening.

If you want to stop foreclosure, hire an attorney to help you. On the other hand, simply talk to your lender directly and find out what can be done to keep you in your home. Many times, there are opportunities out there to allow this to happen.