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If you're looking for a home at a bargain price, you may want to consider a Countrywide VA Foreclosure. When a home is in foreclosure, it becomes lender-owned and is referred to as REO or real estate owned.

Countrywide is a financial institution that deals in the purchasing, originating, security and servicing of mortgages. In 2006, Countrywide financed more mortgages in the United States than any other single lender, with their total being over 20%. They deal in mortgage loans, home equity loans, lines of credit and more. They are also the lender that handles more VA mortgage loans than any other lender. VA loans are mortgage loans given to Veterans to purchase a home. The money comes from the bank or lending institution, but the VA guarantees the loan. In spite of this, many of the loans still wind up as a Countrywide VA foreclosure.

If you're looking for a bargain home such as this, you can research online and find a Countrywide VA foreclosure in any area you're interested in living in. You can do a search for the state you're interested in as well as the city. You'll get the entire listing of Countrywide VA foreclosure homes. Countrywide has been in the business of mortgages since 1969, and is the #1 home mortgage lender in America. They have helped millions of couples and individuals purchase homes as well as refinance their current homes. In addition, they've helped many Veterans to become homeowners as well as helping them avoid a Countrywide VA foreclosure.

Countrywide has a wide array of mortgage lending services. They handle refinancing, which is often suggested to help a homeowner hand onto their home when they incur financial difficulties. Home equity loans are another service provided by Countrywide when homeowners want to borrow money for remodeling or making home improvements. The equity of the home is used as collateral. Countrywide is also used a lot for the purchase of homes, whether they're homes that are a Countrywide VA foreclosure or a home on the market. These are just a few of the many services provided to homeowners by Countrywide.

When a Countrywide VA foreclosure is inevitable, Countrywide will often assist in the refinance of the home for the Veteran or take care of helping some other individual purchase the home from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). When a VA loan is foreclosed, the VA purchases the home back from the bank or lending institution and puts the home up for sale, usually selling it to the highest bidder. In many cases, Countrywide helps individuals purchase this home. For further information on a Countrywide VA foreclosure, contact your nearest Countrywide specialist.