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´╗┐Foreclosure Homes in VA-A Way To Find Affordable Homes


Many foreclosure homes in VA can be found in listings online as well as at real estate agencies throughout the state of Virginia. If you're interested in any particular city, a research of the real estate agencies in that city will help you find any available homes.

The fluctuating economy, interest rates and high cost of homes has contributed to more foreclosures than ever before. Individuals and couples are purchasing homes only to discover they can't make the mortgage payments required to keep their home. The result of these unfortunate circumstances is many foreclosure homes. In VA, there are thousands of homes in the process of foreclosure. Because Virginia is such an appealing state in which to live, many individuals can use this opportunity to become a homeowner at an affordable cost.

Foreclosure homes in VA include historical homes, Victorian style two-story homes and large homes with architectural designs of years past. Foreclosure is something that affects people in all income and demographic levels, giving prospective buyers a wide variety of foreclosure homes in VA.

The process of foreclosure takes around three months to begin. Once the process of foreclosure begins, it can go very quickly. When you're late on your mortgage payment, the bank will either contact you by phone or mail asking you to make a payment or contact them. It's important, at this stage, to contact your lender and explain if you're having financial difficulties and if it's short term or long term. The common mistake many homeowners make is to avoid their lender, rather than discuss the problem. This goes down in your file and makes the lender less willing to work with you later on if things become more difficult.

When you discuss your problems with your lender, they can often come up with a solution to help you such as refinancing your loan, getting a debt consolidation loan or deferring payments to name a few. If you don't contact your lender, you lose these options. Once you have missed two to three payments (usually three), your lender will send you a Notice of Intent to foreclose along with a court date. This is your last opportunity to contact the bank to set up some sort of payment arrangement. Once you go to court, the foreclosure process has begun and a date will be scheduled to sell your home at public auction. You not only will be losing your home, but you will also be charged for the legal expenses and fees involved in the foreclosure.

For those looking for a way to buy a home cheap, the answer often lies in foreclosure homes. In VA, expensive homes can often be purchased for much less than their appraised value. Another option in foreclosure homes in VA is the government insured homes owned by Veterans that have been foreclosed. These are available through the Department of Veterans Affairs office in Virginia. Borrowers often are eligible for assistance with the financing of these homes.